SBI PO Exam Logical Reasoning Sample Question 2016

Though, every section of the question paper is certainly equally important, you will find difficulty in attending only few questions for sure. In that regards, the logical reasoning is undoubtedly gives you the better competition in wasting your time. You will definitely waste a lot of time in the allotted duration for the examination in thinking the right answer for the Logical Reasoning questions. Unless, you practice well for the Logical Reasoning questions, you can’t get the answers in time. Hence, we come up with one of the interesting Logical Reasoning Sample Question for the upcoming SBI PO Exam 2016. Make the most of it.

Logical Reasoning Sample Question for SBI PO 2016:

In a cafe, 5 friends were sitting in a circular table. They were from different cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore (not necessarily in same order). Each of them graduated from different college: Loyola College, Christ College, Xaviers College, Amity College, Nalsar College (not necessarily in same order). They also studied different subjects: Commerce, Art, Economics, Law and Computer Science (not necessarily in same order).
Other details are as follows:-

  ü The person who graduated from Nalsar College did not study Law or Computer Science; neither the person from Chennai nor the one from Kolkata graduated from Nalsar and neither of them studied Law or Computer Science.

  ü The person who came from Chennai did not study commerce.

  ü The person who graduated from Christ college did not study Computer Science

  ü Neither the person from Delhi nor the one from Mumbai graduated from Xaviers, NALSAR, Loyola College.

  ü The person who studied Arts was at cafe with four persons who were- the Delhi-ite, the one from Chennai, the one who graduated from Loyola College and the one who graduated from Christ College.

The person who has graduated from Loyola college is from which city?
     A.   Mumbai
     B.   Delhi
     C.   Kolkata
     D.   Bangalore

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