Recommended Study Materials for SBI Clerk Exams 2016

SBI Clerk exam is most likely to happen on 3rd or 4th week of May 2016 which leaves us with very little amount of time left to prepare for the same. Hope you all have started preparing for the upcoming exam with the help of our previous article whose link is given at the end of this post. So now to boost your exam preparation we are hereby providing you the comprehensive list of best selling SBI Clerk exam preparation books based on quality of content and reviews from trusted buyers:

     1)   SBI Clerk Exam Guide:
         Released by Arihant Publications, this book is the latest edition for preparing for SBI junior associates and junior agri associates exam. This book possesses detailed study material in Reasoning, Numerical ability and English language skills. Additionally you will also find various practice papers to solve along with solved previous year question papers.
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     2)   SBI Clerk Practice Book:
After learning the concepts by heart it becomes necessary to test your skills on the subject. This can be achieved only by hours of practice using sample model papers. Disha publications comes to our rescue by providing us this valuable book that contains answers to 20 practice papers for sbi clerk exam as per latest updated exam pattern. It also contains some cool tricks and effective shortcuts to save your time on answering some tough questions.
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     3)   English Language:
        Proficiency in English language is a mandate for qualifying in SBI clerk recruitment exam. As this section possesses 30 marks in preliminary exams and 40 marks in main exams, all the candidates who are in the process of improving their language skills can get benefitted through this book. This ‘Objective General English’ book by Bakshi is a hit among the student fraternity mainly because of its way of illustration and it has garnered hundreds of positive reviews…
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     4)   Numerical Ability:
        We need to be thorough in basic math formulas and the methods of applying them to score well in numerical aptitude section. M.Tyra’s ‘The Magical Book on Quicker Maths’ is a well worthy book to prepare during these examination times. It is one of the bestselling books in this category! With its clear explanations and simple illustrations this book will help anyone master the art of solving numerical problems.
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