General English Sample Questions for Bank Exams 2016

English plays a crucial aspect in any part of competitive examinations. Some say, it’s an easy area to score more, perhaps the same goes in vain for many competitive exam candidates. There isn’t any stuff in the world which comes on your way with much of ease. In order to boost your knowledge and sharpen the brain, we are here to provide you some of the Sample Questions for bank Examination English Questions 2016. Make the most of it and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

Directions (Q. 1-10):  In each question below, a sentence is given with four words or (group of words), which are numbered as (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of them may be grammatically or structurally wrong in the context of the sentence. The number of that word is the answer. If there is no wrong word or group of words, your answer will be (E), i.e. No error(Ignore the errors of punctuation if any)

1.  (A) The roll/ (B) of the institute is to provide technical support to other institutions and to constantly monitor / (C) their facilities/ (D) and performance/ (E) No error.

2.  The competitive/ (A) edge for survival/ (B) lays/ (C) in the effective/ (D) use of information technology/ (E) No error.

3.  (A) The most popular/ (B) method adopted/ (C) by an organization to communicate/ (D) job vacancies to the public is through advertisement./ (E) No error.

4.  (A) The act of extending/ (B) preferential/ (C) treatment to service provides was high/ (D) appreciated/ (E) No error.

5.  The significant/ (A) future/ (B) is that none of the ancient Indian scientists claimed/ (C) originality/ (D) of their theories./ (E) No error.

6.  (A) But for your/ (B) help it would not/ (C) have been possible to/ (D) finish this work on time./ (E) No error.

7.  (A) None of us/ (B) are so knowledgeable/ (C) and versatile to conduct/ (D) this programme independently/ (E) No error.

8.  (A) He is an idealist/ (B) and when it comes/ (C) to principles does not/ (D) budge on an inch./ (E) No error.

9. (A) The Chief has/ (B) instructed the manager to/ (C) appraise the Governor of/ (D) the activities of our institute./ (E) No error.

10.  (A) What makes most technology/ (B) profitable for remarketers is/ (C) the support and service opportunities/ (D) that are built into it/ (E) No error.

If you are still unable to find the right answers for the above stated Sample English Questions for Bank Exams 2016, kindly find the same below. Thanks for your try.

Bank Exam English Sample Question Answers:

1(A)    2(C)    3(E)    4(C)    5(E)      6(D)     7(B)      8(C)     9(C)      10(B)   

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